Bloodborne Pathogens Awareness In The Hospitality Industry

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Available in Spanish

HIV, HBV, and HCV are viruses that can lead to death. They are called bloodborne pathogens because exposure usually takes place from contact with blood... but not always. Exposure to blood and other bodily fluids occur during the performance of your regular job duties at the lobby, in the bathroom, at the kitchen, in the guest rooms, and it can occur across a wide variety of occupations. Bloodborne Pathogens Awareness In The Hospitality Industry is an in-depth program that illustrates the safety measures when handling broken glasses, trash bins, needles and sharps, blood and other hazards. It is important for you and your employees to understand how exposures occur and how to avoid them. You may have the most hard working employee on board but spread of illness in the workplace can cause damage to company reputation and ultimately puts you... and even your family at risk of exposure.